Kuala Lumpur Day 12: Farewell Dinner

My sister and family brought us out for a farewell dinner in a seafood restaurant in the neighborhood before our flight home.


You’ll never find such huge signboard in Vancouver. Business must be good as this is the 3rd branch of this restaurant.


Condiments; chopped Thai chili, minced garlic and soy sauce.


This is the signature dish of the restaurant; steamed fish in supreme broth with “la la” (a kind of clam). The broth has a hint of wine and spiciness.


Stir fried greens with fermented beancurd (“fu yi”).


A curry seafood hotpot (prawns, squid, tofu puff, lady fingers, long beans).


Soft tofu with crispy garlic.


Spicy and sour fried chicken nuggets with pickled onions and chili.


We bought some curry puff sold by a street hawker who patrons restaurants by foot. I don’t think this will be allowed in Vancouver. Look how flaky the shell is.


We also bought some kaya puff too for snacking in the plane.


Farewell; I hope I don’t have to wait for another ten years to visit Malaysia again.

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  1. LotusRapper

    That’s a curry WMD (weapon of mass digestion) !! How was the filling ? What’s inside ?

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