Flying Back to Vancouver From Kuala Lumpur

Oh no, our flight was delayed for almost 2 hours. We only found out when we were lining up to check-in our luggage.


Well, we just had to find a place where Ben can plug in his notebook to pass time.


I had a slice of cheesecake from Secret Recipe to pass time. It was RM7.55 (CAD2.50).


The airport for quiet as our flight was in the middle of the night.


Food on Air China; breakfast.


Lunch: rice meal.


Lunch: noodle meal.


We had a connection at Shanghai Putong airport.  The above was a Chinese breakfast.


Western breakfast option.


Home sweet home.

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  1. grayelf

    Awesome that they included broccoli in the western breakfast :-).

    Welcome back and happy new year to you both and the boys too.


  2. L.S.

    Wow that cheesecake looks yummy, almost like a tiramisu! Look at all those layers! Can you identify them?

    1. Suanne

      It’s called Classic Cheese. I cant’recall what was the flavour of the layers now.

  3. hungry in tsawwassen

    Yup, looks like airline food is pretty awful no matter where in the world you are flying. We are going to China in May and really looking forward to tasting some of the foods I have been reading about. I have kept all of Ben’s posts from Beijing so will be going through and finding some places to try.

  4. patricia

    I always have my food delivered to the plane or I use too before 9/11

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