Wang’s Beef Noodle House on Cambie St, Vancouver

Emily, Lorna, Marian and I met up for lunch after Christmas for a get together. Lorna suggested to go to Curry King Cafe on 3250 Cambie Street in Vancouver.


However, when we reached our destination, the location was taken over by Wang’s Beef Noodle House. We explored the nearby restaurants for a bit. We even went in to Cafe Gloucester which was pretty full already. We were given a table right at the door which we did not like. With the door opening often when customers get in and out, the winter chill will not be pleasant. Moreover, the restaurant was so busy that we don’t think it will be a good location for us to chit chat. So, we decided to go back to Wang’s Beef Noodle House which was not busy.


The seating arrangement was spacious and it is quite comfortable and pleasant.


We ordered a few items to share. For appetizers, we had the three items combo for $8.50. We picked mostly vegetarian as the rest of our items had meat. We had the marinated dried tofu, cucumber in chili sauce and kelp seaweed.


Wontons in chili sauce was $4.25. There were six wontons and the sauce has the Sichuan numbing spiciness. Pretty good.


Emily wanted to try their Shanghai style steam dumpling as she’s from a city near Shanghai. A basket of eight costs $5.75.


The Shanghai style steam dumplings were not juicy as we expected but tasted ok.


Marian ordered the Sliced Beef in Chinese Pancake. It was $5.50. The pancake was quite dry too. A bit more sauce would be good.


The next item we tried was the Pan Fried Chives Volaurent. This was $5.50. It came with four portions. The above photo was one of the portion. This was good. It has lots of chives in the filing and the chives tasted very fresh. I recalled Emily telling us that cooked chives is to be eaten on the same day. If left overnight, it will be toxic to the body. Anyone heard of this?


For filler, Lorna wanted the Beef Brisket Noodle Soup. We ordered the large bowl since we were sharing. The large was $7.75. The beef briskets were very tender.


I asked for the thicker version of the noodle as I like the texture of thicker noodle. I did not know that Lorna did not like the thick noodle. She prefers the thin noodle. Sorry about that, Lorna.


We had a great time catching with one another. We over stayed our 2 hours free parking limit at the side street as we totally lost track of the time. Luckily, we did not get a parking ticket. The restaurant was tolerant to our long stay. The server even refilled our tea several time.


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  1. Scott

    That “brisket” looks more like shank. Not that that’s a bad thing.

  2. LotusRapper

    Hi Suanne – yes this location has seen its share of turnovers, from Curry King to Shanghai Village to Wang’s (2nd location to their main store on south Granville in Marpole). Food here is not quite as good as their Marpole location, but it’s slooowly improving. However there are hits and misses. Service used to be a hit & miss, but recently it’s improved somewhat too. If you prefer consistency, I recommend their Marpole location.

    And just so you know, Cambie Village now has competition in the Nouveau Taiwan Cuisine segment, with the introduction of SoHo Tea Room a couple of blocks south, in the space where Full House Chinese Restaurant used to be. SoHo is the re-located and re-named “Flo”, also from south Granville (which you’ve been). Mostly has the same staff as Flo too. The food is ok, the menu slightly smaller than Flo offered. They only opened in December so I expect some initial tweaking of their menu items and quality. But the space and renovations are nice, you should check them out !

  3. JK

    Yeah Ben! This is what I like to see…more cheap eats in Greater Vancouver.

  4. Jill

    Can you please tell me what kind of noodles they use for the beef brisket soup???????????? 🙂

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