Pho An Nam Moved To New Location on No. 3 Road

We were glad that Ben managed to come home for Christmas on Christmas day itself. It was a gloomy wet day and the boys wanted pho for lunch although I had already made a pot of Bak Kut Teh for Ben as he always ask for that when he comes home. We went to Pho An Nam at it’s new location.


Pho An Nam Restaurant had moved from it’s previous location at Granville Avenue to No. 3 Road where S & W Pepper House used to be. It was sad to see S & W Pepper House closed down the Richmond location.


When we asked the server the reason for the move, she told us the the Granville Avenue location will be developed into residential area. More high rise, we guessed.


The restaurant was not very busy on Christmas day.


Ben and I shared a Bun Bo Hue since Ben wanted to eat BKT when he got home. It was not too spicy but with generous amount of meat. This was $8.50.


We can always add more chilis if we want it to be more spicy.


Arkensen ordered the large Annam Special Mixed Beef Noodle. The large bowl was $7.50. The beef came out relatively raw and you can cook it further by pushing it down into the hot broth.


Standard side vegetables for you to add to your pho; bean sprouts, basil leaves and lime wedges. We usually do not add them in as it kind of dilute the broth. We just snack on the bean sprout while waiting for the noodles to arrive.


Nanzaro ordered the Special Dry Noodle for $8.50. It has an assortment of seafood like shrimp, squid and artificial crab meat and some sliced poached meat too.


The Special Dry Noodle came with a bowl of soup on the side. Nanzaro likes to add a little soup to moisten his noodles.


The Special Dry Noodle came with 2 types of noodles; rice noodle and egg noodles.


Pho An Nam accepts credit card. Ben commented that it’s expensive to eat out in Vancouver. He is used to the cheaper food price in Beijing after being there for the past 6 months.


You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

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  1. joyce

    Glad you guys had some family time together on Christmas.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Melissa

    I have been following your blog for a long time, even if I don’t leave comments much – Why is Ben out of the country? (I was wondering why a lot of the posts are by Suanne)

  3. Doug

    Ben has work abroad. I am in similar situation as Ben where we get different projects in different states. Depending on the scope of the project, it could take months or years working in a foreign country.

  4. Huy

    Hello Ben,

    If you like Vietnamese food then you should try the PHO AN in Surrey on 104 Street near the Guildford VW dealership. It just open around 1-2 months but this is the good Vietnamese restaurant. I try to google the address for you but it’s new place so don’t have the info on google yet.

    It’s on 104 street in the small complex, they have Pizza Hut – Korean karaoke – Nail & Spa etc. Across the street is the Tom Lee music. Hope you can find it. I will post the address the next one when I find it.

    I think you like BUN BO HUE as I saw you order this course mostly when you come to Vietnamese restaurant then you should try BUN BO HUE @ this place.

    The lemongrass chicken with rice is good too. Also Pho is good as well. These are the courses that I have tried. As a Vietnamese guy, I am so picky with Vietnamese food. I don’t want to eat any Vietnamese restaurant that cook like western, I only eat @ the places can cook authentic real vietnamese food.

    You can try the “CAFE XU HUE” on kingsway too. The address for this place is: 2226 Kingsway – Vancouver This place is special about BUN BO HUE. I can say this is the best BUN BO HUE in Vancouver!!!

    Hope you will enjoy these place & post up your review soon!!! Thank you for all your hard work over the years for review all the Asian restaurants in BC.

    Wish you & all the CHOWTIMES team have a BEST OF CHINESE NEW YEAR with all the BEST LUCK – FORTUNE & HAPPINESS.



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