Penang Delight Cafe, Marpole

My family went to Penang Delight Cafe for a Malaysian lunch on a weekend.


We arrived a few minutes before the opening time and waited for the open sign to be flipped over.


Obviously, we were their first customers of the day. One thing that Arkensen does not about the place is the seat which are wooden benches lined with cushion. He said the seating is not comfy.


Ben in-charged of ordering the food. The first item was Prawn Mee with mix noodles, i.e. it comes with vermicelli and oil noodle. Having mix noodles is common in Malaysia but Arkensen finds it odd.


Penang Cafe Delight uses the traditional bowl that we are so used to in Malaysia.


The second dish we had was the Lamb Rendang. It was quite pricey at $17.45. It does not come with rice, so we had to order a bowl of steam rice to go with it.


The last item we had was the Cantonese style Chow Fun. It comes with the typical pickled green chili condiment.


It also comes with mix noodles. In this case, it’s vermicelli (fried to give it a little crunch) and rice noodle. The sauce is similar with Egg Swirl Noodle (with egg in the sauce). It has fish cake, slice pork, squid and prawn.


The menu has a few photos in it which helps people who are new to the cuisine.


There are plenty of food photos on the wall too for those who is not familiar with the cuisine.


Credit card is accepted here.

Penang Cafe Delight is a pretty authentic Chinese Malaysian restaurant.


We returned at another weekend and tried two more dishes. The above was the Mee Goreng for $12.95. It was slightly on the wet side and more on the sweetish and “ketchupy” taste. Not a fan of it.


We also tried the KL Hokkien Mee for $14.95. This was pretty close to home flavour.


The KL Hokkien Mee came with the sambal condiment which is a must for this noodle.


It had some bits of fried pork fat which is essential for this noodle dish.

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