Flying to Atlanta

Ben had business meeting in the Atlanta office. We took the opportunity to have a short vacation in Atlanta. I flew to Atlanta from Vancouver to meet up with Ben.


I had an early flight before 7am. The ground staff were late to report to the gate. Even the pilots and air stewardess had to wait for half an hour at the gate.

I had a window seat at this flight. Above was a shot of fields with geometrical shapes from the air.


It was mid September. Some mountain tops already had snow on them.


My flight transited via Houston. A close up view of the city before the plane landed. Many houses have swimming pools.


Finally, I arrived at Atlanta in the evening.  View of Atlanta from the air.


At Atlanta airport.


Ben picked me up from the airport with a rental Camaro; stylish, eh!

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  1. Raymond

    Why were the ground staff late to report to the gate? Pilots are never late too.

  2. hungry in tsawwassen

    Gorgeous shots from the plane. I hate flying so I never look out the window.

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