Atlanta Day 2: Georgia Aquarium

After breakfast, we went to our first destination which is Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world.


We bought the Atlanta city pass for the entrance since we planned to use the city pass for other attractions too. The city pass is USD69 per person. It’s a saving of 45% for the admission to the best 5 attractions in Atlanta.


Georgia Aquarium is the gift from the co-founders of The Home Depot, Bernie and Billi Marcus to the city.


One of the attractions in Georgia Aquarium is the AT&T Dophin tales. It’s a dophin performance incorporated with Broadway style musical. Unfortunately, no photography or video recording during the show.


Our next stop was the Deepo’s Undersea 3D Wondershow. Ben dropped his camera in this theater. We realized it after we left the theater and had to wait for the theater to clear for the next show before we were allowed in to look for it. Luckily we found it.


We then explored the frogs exhibits.


The tropical diver exhibits smaller and colourful fish. It also houses the world’s largest living reef. Did you notice that there were something sticking out of the sand at the bottom of the tank?


A closer look reviews that they are some snake like creatures.


The jelly fish movement is graceful but it can be poisonous.


A rare photo of both of us. A couple asked us to take photo for them and they offered to return the favour.


The acrylic tunnel mesmerizes spectators with thousands of fish swimming overhead.


The Ocean Voyager is where larger fish like sharks and manta ray are kept.

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