Atlanta Day 3: Atlanta History Center – Civil War, Olympic, Golf

The Atlanta History Center has a section on The Turning Point of the American Civil War.


Atlanta was the turning point of the American Civil War. The Atlanta Civil War started on 22 July 1864 and Atlanta lost it’s battle in September 1864. After which General Sherman ordered the town to be burnt down. Atlanta is referred to a phoenix as it rises from ashes.


There are more than 1400 original Union and Confederate artifacts, photographs, videos, etc in the DuBose Gallery.


More civil war exhibits.


An exhibit of a widow mourning the loss of her husband in the civil war.


Confederate and Union flag.


The next exhibit we visited was the Centenial Olympics Games Museum.


The Centenial Olympic Games Museum is a collection of multimedia presentations, artifacts, images, interactive displays, and a level dedicated to a hands-on Sports Lab.


Lastly, we strolled down the fairway with Bobby Jones.


Here you’ll find rare artifacts, photographs, golf equipment, trophies, and more, all chronicling the life of the legendary golfer.


Bobby Jones is the first golf player to win the Grand Slam.

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