Atlanta Day 2: World of Coca Cola

World of Coca Cola is just a stone throw away from the Georgia Aquarium. It’s one of the top attractions of Atlanta and it’s included in Atlanta city pass admission.


I’m not a fan of soft drink. But the rest of my household love soft drink. But their choice is Pepsi over Coca Cola.


The lobby where we waited for the guided tour.


Faces around the world whom Coca Cola aims to deliver to.


The earliest Coca Cola dispenser.


In the tour, we were told that there were several (“three” ?) of the above paintings commenced for Coca Cola. One of the original was lost. If you have it in your basement or attic, Coca Cola will be most happy to discuss your retirement with you.


Visiting the vault where the secret recipe is kept.


Oops, I triggered the alarm while taking this photo!.


A drink for the lady.


Some of the older version of Coca Cola dispensers.


Coca Cola has been a long sponsor of the Olympics.


More memorabilia and pins of past Olympics.


Various packaging of Coca Cola. I have a friend who collects Coca Cola cans from all over the world. He told me that he has a collection of over 200 pieces.


The highlight of the tour must be the tasting stations. My favourite is the SMART apple from China. Ben told me that he has not seen this in Beijing though.

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  1. hungry in tsawwassen

    We loved the Coca Cola museum when we went years ago. I brought home a recipe for Coca Cola chocolate cake which is really good; it uses coke in both the cake and icing. You don’t taste it but it gives a moistness to the cake texture.

    1. Suanne

      Hi hungry in tsawwassen, would you mind sharing the recipe?

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