Atlanta Day 3: Atlanta History Center – Smith Family Farm Tour

We started day 3 with breakfast at the Waffle House. Unfortunately, Ben forgot to put back the memory card into the camera after downloading the previous day’s photo into his notebook. So, no photos for breakfast. After breakfast, we returned to the hotel to get the memory card.


Our first stop was the Atlanta History Center. The Atlanta History Center includes exhibits of historic houses, historic gardens, the American Civil War, Metropolitan frontiers, Centennial Olympic Games Museum, Bobby Jones, etc.


There are two farm house tour; Swan House and Smith Family Farm. We signed up for the Smith Family Farm tour because the Swan House was closed for renovation.


We came across a white hibiscus on the way to the Smith Family Farm. Hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia but i don’t remember seeing a white one before.


Smith Family Farm tour begin on this front porch. It depicts the mid-nineteeth century way of life of an upper middle class family judging by the size of the house and the number of glass window pane it has. The glass window pane was taxed annually during that era. There is no photography permitted inside the house.


The kitchen is located in a separated building. It was a big kitchen. In it’s time, a kitchen usually has a life span of 7 years. Kitchen often burnt down by accidental fire.


A well which supplies water to the household.


This could be the slave quarter.


The smokehouse where meat is preserved.


The above is known as privy or toilet in our term.


Wood for heating and cooking.


There is often a guest cabin located in the compound. As long as the door is opened, any passerby is welcome to stay the night. People are more generous and trusting in the old days.


The blacksmith shop where tools were made.


A corn farm.


Cotton plant.


Exiting from the Smith Family Farm, we proceeded to the Mary Howard Gilbert Memorial Quarry Garden. This trail showcases a comprehensive of plants native to pre-colonial Georgia.


The above purple berries is called Beauty Berries.

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