Atlanta Day 3: Atlanta History Center – Metropolitan Frontiers

The Metropolitan Frontiers has exhibits from Indian settlements to the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement.


The exhibits explore Atlanta’s story through rare objects, photographys, antique clothing, videos and hands-on displays. This is from the Rural Region exhibits.


Atlanta was originally called Terminus, because it lays at the end of the rail line. In 1843, it’s name was changed to Marthasville in honor of Martha Lumpkin, the daughter of then governor George Lumpkin.

The railroad stop then changed to “Atlanta”, possibly a feminine version of “Atlantic”, part of the railroad name. Another theory is it came from the middle name of Martha Lumpkin, “Atalanta”.

Nevertheless, the name Atlanta was officially adopted in 1845.


An antique automobile in the Transportation Center.


A more modern automobile.


Some kind of telecommunication tool; perhaps a telephone switch board.


Another telegraphic tool.


Hello, hello…


An elaborate decorated antique letter box.


A dark era where race riots were rampant. White mops attacked black citizens.

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