Atlanta Day 7: Chop Suey Dinner at House of Chan

On our last night in Atlanta, Ben brought me to a Chinese restaurant in the neighbourhood. He still crave for Asian food.


Deep fried wonton skin as appetizer. The restaurant was dimly lit; so, the photographs did not turn up well.


We ordered the house soup which is egg drop soup with prawns and chicken. Slightly thickish and quite a lot of meat.


We ordered two dishes to go with steamed rice. The first was Empress Chicken. It’s not the steamed chicken that I had envisioned. It’s deep fried boneless chicken with a sweetish sauce. In it, there were broccoli, carrots and baby corn.


The second dish which we ordered was Bean Curd Stirfry. It was quite similar to the first dish except that the chicken was replaced with bean curd. The dishes had similar taste. Well, now we knew that this is a chop suey restaurant.

We saw a plague on the wall saying that this restaurant won the Best Oriental Restaurant 1991.


Like a lot of Chinese restaurant, the bill came with fortune cookies.

This concludes my vacation to Atlanta.

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  1. John Thompson

    I think the pictures turned out nicely. I like how you use the name Chop Suey restuarant… I was actually thinking of different names by which you could classify Chinese restaurants and I thought of ‘Chop Suey Joint’ for places that serve very westernized Chinese food, especially those ones that actually have ‘Chop Suey’ on the menu 🙂

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