Pajo’s Fish & Chips in Steveston Village, Richmond

Arkensen is on his 2 weeks of spring break before resume school in early May. Out of the blue, he just craves for fish & chips. So, I brought him to Steveston Village for lunch.


A sculpture on display along the board walk from the wharf towards Pajo’s Fish & Chips.


Pajo’s Fish & Chips is a floating restaurant. We arrived just before noon and the place was not too busy. Twenty or more minutes later, this place was buzzing with customers which includes tourists, students and policemen.


Seatings are available on the floating restaurant and on the board walk as well.


Here’s what Arkensen came for. He ordered the one of each large fish & chips for $16.99. The fish includes cod, salmon and halibut.


Here’s their menu. You can click on the photo to have a larger view.


The fish & chips is served on a paper cone. The tables are customized with holes to allow the cone to sit in it.


Arkensen preferred the above white fish; presumably halibut as it had a firm texture.


The batter is thin; in fact so thin that at times, the fish just fell off the batter.


The fries were quite thickly cut but not very crispy though.


I ordered a grilled salmon burger. You can have deep fried version too. The burger itself is $7.99. It’s strange that the fish burger is not listed on their menu.


Pajo’s accepts credit card.

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  1. Lisa

    Wow 3 types of fish ! It looks perfect

  2. ammyyy

    Try the coleslaw next time! It’s got pine nuts and cranberries in it.

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