Lotus, the Place for Pho Lovers, No. 5 Road, Richmond

I suggested to have dinner at Lotus, the Place for Pho Lovers on No. 5 Road because I wanted to look for Coconut Oil in Fruitcana. I knew the boys will not object because they like pho.


This location was used to be another Vietnamese restaurant by the name Pho Boi. Not sure if it’s just a change of name or owner. I noticed the phone number is still the same.


It’s a big restaurant as prior to the Vietnamese ownership, it was an Indian Buffet restaurant, Red Mirchi.


I like that the server is smart enough to bring two ice water for the boys and Chinese tea for me without asking. Unfortunately, Nanzaro wanted tea instead of water, so, we just asked for another tea cup.


Nanzaro ordered a large Bun Bo Hue for $8.95. It came with various meat like flank, brisket, ham and beef balls. It does not have pork hock which is a good thing because Nanzaro does not eat the pork hock.


The Bun Bo Hue came with the thicker vermicelli as usual.


I ordered the Bun Ga Nuong, Cha Gio which is grilled chicken slices, fried roll. It was $9.45. I ordered this because Arkensen wanted the fried roll. The grilled chicken slices would be better if they are grilled a tad more to gave more charring to the meat. This came with thin vermicelli at the bottom.


Arkensen ordered the Pho Chin, Nam, Gan, Ve Don which is brisket, flank, tendon and crunchy flank. The large bowl is $8.95. The soup was not as hot as I prefer but it’s alright for Arkensen’s preference.


Lotus accepts credit card.

After dinner, we went over to Fruiticana to look for coconut oil but all we found was ghee.

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