British Airways Airline Food

I flew to London to join Ben for a short vacation after his business trip. I was not able to do so in his previous trips to London because my kids were still young. Now, they are old enough to take care of themselves and I have more opportunity to travel with Ben.


Chicken dinner on board.

I travelled via British Airways. It was a night flight. I checked in online and get a recommended good seat according to sea guru. My seat was an aisle seat behind the galley. It supposed to give more leg room. This is only good if there is no baby on board. Most parents with baby will take the same row of seat for the space for the baby carrier. I had to endure babies cries most of the flight.

Another disadvantage seating behind the galley is you have to bear with the noise of the stewardesses preparing food there. 


Cheesecake which came with dinner.


Bun and salad.

Here is a little incidence I encountered during the flight.

My original seat was the aisle seat on the left row. The passenger on the aisle seat in the middle row requested to exchange seat with me because his wife and kid were on the left row. I agreed since I travelled alone and it did not matter to me.

What I did not consider was the passenger who exchanged seat with me had requested for vegetarian food. It was not a problem for the first meal. However, problem arose when breakfast was served. I was awaken from my very little sleep when breakfast was served. I started eating and then realized that it was a vegetarian breakfast and the rest of the other passengers around me were not served yet. It was too late as I had started eating. So, I told the passenger who changed seat with me that I had taken his vegetarian breakfast. When the passenger tried to ask the stewardess for another vegetarian breakfast, there was not any left.

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