London Day 1: London Wall

I arrived at Heathrow airport around 2PM. Ben picked me up and we took the hotel hoppa service to Sheraton Skyline. We dropped off my luggage and took a bus to a tube station and took the tube to the city of London. It was quite a long ride; it took more than an hour  to get to the city.


Waiting for the train.


Arrived at the city of London.


My first view of the Tower of London.


The above sundial is located near the Tower Hill Underground Station. Here is the view point where you can look across the other side of the road at the Tower of London.


A Roman soldier statue located in front of the original London wall, near the Tower of London.


The remnant of the original London wall.


The grass area was originally a moat to protect the tower.


Life-size sculptures of lions created by artist Kendra Haste were located at the main entrance the tower.

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  1. Elle

    Cool. I am going to be in London this Sunday. First time, very exciting. I wonder if the Tube is clean and safe? Do I have to worry about pickpocketing? Is it clean though?

    Riding Paris metro is very unpleasant . I never want to repeat that experience again. Now I am wondering if London Tube is OK…

    Thanks for your attention.

  2. HM

    London’s underground is pretty safe compared to other cities in Europe e.g. Barcelona and Madrid. Have not experienced pickpockets in my years there and it is clean but depending on ehich line, can be quite old especially the escalator. Missing London! Suanne, enjoy your trip with Ben!

    1. Elle

      Thank you so much.

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