London Day 3: Dinner at Four Season in Chinatown

We decided to have dinner at Chinatown which is just a few minutes walk from Leicester Square.


The pagoda gateway into Chinatown.


There are a lot of BBQ restaurants and All You Can Eat Buffet restaurants in Chinatown.


We settled with Four Seasons Chinese on Gerrard St.


We each had a 3 combination of BBQ meats on rice. It was 7 pounds. The above was roast pork, BBQ pork and BBQ duck. They were pretty good.


We also shared a wonton soup which was decent. The wonton soup was 3 pounds. The total bill came to 22 pounds.


We came upon a restaurant with a familiar name; i.e. Lido Restaurant.

Four Seasons Chinese on Urbanspoon

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  1. hungry in tsawwassen

    We just had dinner a few days ago at Bushuair in Richmond. I’m sure nothing in London can compare. It was sooo good.

  2. LotusRapper

    £22 ? Your dinner was (2x)£7 + £3 = £17. I missed something ?

    How were the BBQ meats compared to HK BBQ Master or Parker Place BBQ ?

    1. Eric

      Maybe tax and tips?

      I’m surprised Ben & Susan ordered 2 of the same thing…and not try a few more different variety.

  3. Sedap Makan

    Sometimes we all just crave the basic BBQ meats

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