London Day 5: Harrods

We took the city cruise back to the city center from Greenwich.


Ben decided to bring to Harrods to grab something from the food hall to bring back to the hotel for dinner.


Got a slice of cake for dessert.


Harrods is a high end department store, even the lift looks posh. There are even perfume bottles in the ladies room. We noticed a lot of middle east customers in the store.


Back in the hotel with a bag of goodies.


Sausage and cheese pastry.


A Pork Pie, Cheese and Onion Pie and SalmonĀ  and Leek Pie. The Cheese and Onion is big and heavy in oregano flavour.


The irony was we did not have a microwave in our hotel room. We had to warm up the pies on the heater.


Perhaps the pork pie was not heated up well enough, there were still gelatinous chunks in it; not appetizing. Moreover, it was really salty. But, at least I had tried pork pie in London.


Luckily we had the Devil Cake to save the meal. The total bill came to 13.50 pounds.

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  1. 3rensho

    Next time you’re in Berlin go to the sixth floor of KdW (Kaufhaus des Westens). I think it is more impressive than Harrods.

  2. hungry in tsawwassen

    We might be going to London next summer so I am saving your posts for tips!

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