Random Eats in Beijing – Porridge House

Ben and I went groceries shopping at Wu-Mart on this day. Ben brought me to the nearby Porridge House for brunch.


The above was one of their signature porridge. I can’t recall it’s name. The porridge was flavourful and had goji berries in it.


Ben also ordered a few dishes to go with the porridge. The above was cauliflower stir fried with black bean and chili.


Tofu with ” yellow fish”; The sauce goes well with the porridge. But the fish is on the bony side.


The above was “Bei Fung Tong”  Prawns.


There were lots of the crispy bits with chili and black beans covering the prawns. Another signature dish of this restaurant. The bill came to RMB104 (CAD17.50).


I bought a Peach Muffin from a muffin shop in Continental Plaza for tea time. This was RMB8 (CAD1.35).

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