Random Eats in Beijing – Grandma Family Restaurant

On our last day in Beijing, we decided to give the popular Grandma Family Restaurant one more try. This time we went early so that we can get into the first seating.


Customers lining up to get a number.


The waiting place at the entrance of the restaurant. There are usually more people waiting outside the restaurant.


Finally we got a table. The restaurant is big and partition into several sections.


The menu is in the form of a magazine.


We ordered a few items from the appetizer section. The above was a sweetish fried fish. It was crunchy and great for munching. (more…)

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Sight Seeing in Beijing – Panjiayuan Flea Market – Part 1

On one of the weekend, Ben and I visited Panjiayuan Flea Market. It is one of the largest flea market in Beijing. There are over 4,000 shops in the market, with nearly 10,000 dealers.


Above is the directory of the Panjiayuan Flea Market.


The flea market is huge. There are a lot of repetitive stalls selling similar items ranging from paintings, furniture, beads, books, jade, home decor, etc.


Chinese ethnic minority arts and crafts, trinkets, antiques and apparel. (more…)

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Random Eats in Beijing – Fairwood

Fairwood is also located in Oriental Plaza. It is another fast food type restaurant.


You ordered at the counter and will be given a receipt and a number. You passed your receipt to a server and the food will be sent to your table.


It was still early at 10:30am. We were not very hungry. So, we shared a pork claypot rice combo for RMB32 (CAD5).


Drizzling the claypot rice with sweet soy sauce. (more…)

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Random Eats in Beijing – Ghost Street (Gui Jie)

Ben and I had dinner at one of the touristy place in Beijing. It’s called Ghost Street (Gui Jie).


Gui Jie is a street lined with restaurants and lanterns. There are lots of restaurants selling mini lobsters, hotpots and mala dishes.


We ended up in a Xinjiang Restaurant. I simply love lamb dishes.


We had yak milk with butter for drinks.


We had a side dish of soft tofu with century egg as appetizer.


It was the big lamb skewers that enticed us to come into this restaurant. They grilled the lamb skewers at the restaurant front. The lamb skewer was RMB10 each. (more…)

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