Random Eats in Beijing – Ghost Street (Gui Jie)

Ben and I had dinner at one of the touristy place in Beijing. It’s called Ghost Street (Gui Jie).


Gui Jie is a street lined with restaurants and lanterns. There are lots of restaurants selling mini lobsters, hotpots and mala dishes.


We ended up in a Xinjiang Restaurant. I simply love lamb dishes.


We had yak milk with butter for drinks.


We had a side dish of soft tofu with century egg as appetizer.


It was the big lamb skewers that enticed us to come into this restaurant. They grilled the lamb skewers at the restaurant front. The lamb skewer was RMB10 each.


We also ordered a lamb soup since it was a cold night.


The lamb soup came with some broad potato noodles.


The above deep fried potato strings were refried with sliver ginger, green onions and red chilli. They were superb.


We also ordered some deep fried lamb chops. They were rather dry.

The meal came to RMB197 (CAD33).

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    Really enjoying your Random Eats in Beijing series!

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