Travel from KLIA to KL Sentral

Air Aisa landed at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).


As expected, the terminal does not provide aerobridges since it’s a low cost terminal.

Immigration clearance for foreigners was quick as most of passengers of our flight were locals.


We took the KLIA transit to go to the city center. The ticket was RM12.50 (about CAD4) per person. This included a bus ride from the LCCT to KLIA transit train station.


Here comes the train to KL Sentral.


The train ride was about one hour. It was a comfortable ride as the train was not full.

We took a cab from KL Sentral to Furama Bukit Bintang. We like the cab system here where we purchased the cab coupon first at a standard pricing. The cab fare came to RM13 (about CAD4.50).

However, while we were looking for the cab coupon counter, we were approached by “bar wong” cab driver who asked for RM30. He told us that the price will be same from the counter. So, do not be scammed by these drivers.

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  1. hungry in tsawwassen

    Wow, very nice looking train, clean and modern.

  2. etranger

    I really found KL fascinating. Great food too.

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