KL Fall 2012: Kepong Hawkers Center

We took a cab from the hotel concierge from the hotel to Sri Damansara. It was expensive at RM60 (CAD20). We reckoned it will be difficult to flag down a cab during the after office hour traffic.


My father, my younger brother and my nieces brought us to have dinner at Kepong Hawkers Center. Ben had a tri-color iced milk tea.


I had a claypot chicken and salted fish rice for RM6 (CAD2).


Ben had a Fried Koay Teow with cockles for RM6 (CAD2).


We also shared a grilled sting ray with spicy sauce.


The stingray was RM15 (CAD5).


After dinner, we walked across the street to a durian stand for some dessert. We were fortunate that it was durian season this time.


My father bought 2 Musang King for us to try. After the durian was opened, we discovered one of them only had 4 seeds and we made a complaint to the stall owner. He was kind enough to give us another one for free. My father paid RM62 (about CAD21) for the durian.


The durian was creamy and luscious. While we were enjoying our durian, my younger brother waited in the car as he hates the smell of durian. He warned us not to burp when we got back to the car.

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  1. van p

    I definitely agree with your brother on the durian.

  2. Sedap Makan

    There were a number of all you can eat AYCE Durian places in PJ. My wife could not convince me to go but she had a lot of durian anyways.

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