McBistro Chicken Sandwich versus McChicken

The boys wanted McDonalds for dinner on a Friday evening. It’s been a while they have not have any burgers.


There is a new item on menu. It’s McBistro Chicken Sandwich. So, I gave it a try. I had the BLT McBistro Chicken Sandwich. It was $5.19 on the menu. But when I got it, I had a 50% coupon which comes in the mail every now and then. Nanzaro got a McChicken Meal. So, I made a comparison of both of the sandwiches.


As the name suggests, the McBistro BLT Chicken Sandwich (on the left)  has a whole piece of green leaf lettuce and two slices of tomatoes. As for the McChicken (on the right), it’s kind of sad looking with the shredded iceberg lettuce with some mayo.


For the McBistro BLT Chicken Sandwich, there are a few slices of smokey and crispy bacon on top of a piece of grilled chicken breast. I was asked if I wanted the grilled version. Perhaps there is another fried option which I did not ask.

As for the McChicken, the chicken breast is breaded and fried; so it’s crunchier.


The bun for the McBistro Chicken Sandwich is a soft whole wheat bun that shape like a baguette while the bun from McChicken is a round sesame soft bun.

I got the nutritional value from the McDonalds website but I can’t find the nutritional value for the McBistro BLT Chicken Sandwich on the website, only found the McBistro Southwest Chicken. I just that as comparison.

Nutritional Facts McBistro Southwest Chicken Sandwich McChicken
Caloriies 460 520
Fat 20g (30% of daily recommended intake) 34g (52% of daily recommended intake)
Salt 910mg (38% of daily recommended intake) 1120mg (47% of daily recommended intake)

I will definitely go for the McBistro Chicken Sandwich if I have to have a McDonalds burger.

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  1. Huey Ng

    The McBistro BLT Chicken also comes in crispy version which is very good or you could also choose the McBistro with mushrooms.

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