KL Fall 2012: All You Can Eat Durian

We met up with Ben’s sister after the tour to Royal Selangor. Back at her house, the rain started to pour. After spending two hours there, she brought us to Ben’s brother’s house. We waited for everyone to get home from work before we went out for dinner.


We went for All You Can Eat Buffet Durian in SS2, PJ. AYCE durian is popular here as there are several stores serving it.

It was a small world as Ben bumped into two if his Boys’ Bridgate friends in the store we picked for the AYCE durian.


A descriptive banner of the various durian available.


We had young coconut juice to cool down the effect of the “heaty” durian.


The durian came in different color and taste. Some were pale while some were yellow. Some were sweet while some were bitter. Some with big seeds while some were seedless.


There were 7 of us but only six had the ACYE as my niece does not like durian. The six of us devoured 13 durians. The bill came to RM118 (CAD40).


Next time I plan a trip to KL, I must make sure it coincides with the durian season.

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