KL Fall 2012: Ah Koong Restaurant

Ben was not feeling well on the 3rd day. We were not sure if he caught a cold or caused by the drastic change of weather from the sub zero Beijing fall weather to the above 30 hot and humid KL weather. Perhaps, he had too much heaty durian. He had body ache and a slight temperature. We skipped breakfast as Ben continue to sleep after taking a couple of aspirin.


We checked out from the hotel at 12:00PM and left our luggage at the concierge while we went out to look for a place for lunch. We wanted something light as Ben did not have appetite to eat while I had indigestion problem. We found a restaurant specializes in fish ball in the neighbourhood called Ah Koong Restaurant. We picked this restaurant because it is air-conditioned.


We had their signature fried fish cake for appetizer. It was very bouncy.


Ben had curry laksa with oil noodle.


Authentic curry laksa must have cockles.


I had a dry mix broad noodle for something light.


Look what I found in my noodle; fried pork lark.


My noodle came with a bowl of  fish balls, fish cake, pork ball and fried bean curd skin in a minced pork broth.


We also shared a bowl of their signature fish paste stuffed chili, pork rind and pork meat balls.

All the above came to RM35.60 (CAD12).

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