Lunch at Jade Seafood Restaurant with my Community Kitchen Buddies

I met up with Emily, Marian and Lorna for dim sum at Jade Seafood Restaurant before the Christmas holiday. It’s been over a year since we our last meeting as everyone is busy with our lives.


We came to Jade Seafood Restaurant with Lorna recommendation for it’s special lunch set of $9.99. However, when we asked our server about it, she told us that the offer is no longer available. So, we just ordered from their regular menu.


Lorna picked a Taro Cake which is the steamed version for a healthier choice. It came in a block and not pre-cut into slices.  I still prefer the re-fried version for a more crispy version.


Marian picked a Fish Congee. The congee was smooth and silky.


The toppings of crispy Chinese donut, peanuts, salted radish and green onions were served on the side.


Marian also picked a Sauteed Lotus Root with Fermented Beancurd as she loves lotus root.


It was a small world that Lorna’s friend bumped into us in the restaurant. She recommended the Chicken Chow Mien dish to us.


The sauce and the crispy noodle were served separately to keep the noodle from becoming soggy.


We also ordered a Fish Paste Rice Roll which is a new item on the menu. It is served with 3 sauces; soy sauce, sesame sauce and hoisin sauce. I prefer the sesame sauce.


The last item was Sparerib with Pumpkin which is a very common dim sum item.

Our meal came to $15 per person including tips. Jade Seafood Restaurant accepts credit card.


When I told Ben that I will be meeting with my friends, he also make his own arrangement to have lunch with his friend. He planned to go to Chuan Ku BBQ but was not aware that it only opens for dinner. He remembered I mentioned about the Special Lunch offer in Jade and he and his friend also came to Jade Seafood Restaurant for lunch as the backup plan.

Guessed what, they were offered the Special Lunch Set menu. I wonder why our server declined us of the menu. We were there passed 11:00 AM for sure.

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    Is your community kitchen open to the public to join? It seems fun and would love to learn.

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