Comfort Food at Tsim Chai, Richmond

This post consists of two meals a while ago.


Complimentary soup of pork bones with carrot and green carrot. The complimentary soup is not bad as it is usually cooked for a long time.


Seasonal vegetable (in this case, it’s Chinese broccoli) with beef. The beef were tender.


Seafood and seasonal vegetable with E-Fu noodle. Ginger and green onions go well with seafood.


Spicy Long Bean with Minced Meat is our boys favourite vegetable dish.


A pan-fried fish dish with soy sauce. I can’t recall the exact menu name. It was great except there was not a lot of meat.



In another meal, the soup of the day was served in individual bowls.


Oyster with Ginger and Green Onion in Hot Pot. The sauce was great. Our boys did not quite like the oyster though.


The Pork Chop “King Tu” style was surprisingly good. The boys preferred this even though these are bone in.


Ben likes simple vegetables stir fried with garlic, in this case it’s Chinese Broccoli. They stems were crisp.


Tsim Chai accepts cash only. You have to arrive early as this place is usually busy.

Tsim Chai Noodles Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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