Beijing Noodle House on Buswell Road, Richmond

This was the first dining out meal after Ben returned from Beijing. Ironically, he picked Beijing Noodle House.


The Cumin Lamb ($14.95) is for the boys as they love this dish here. It’s just pure deep fried lamb with cumin without the contamination of vegetables.


The Stir Fried Green Beans ($12.95) is also the boys pick. The two vegetables that they like is green beans and egg plant. The green bean dish has some crispy ground pork, onion, green and red sweet peppers and chili pepper. The rest of the vegetables were cut small, so the boys do not mind.


Ben ordered the Chinese Burgers ($5) with pork for Nanzaro to try. The order comes in two. They were quite dry. Not a fan.


For appetizer, Ben ordered the Vinegarish Potatoes ($4.50) to whet up our appetite. This is served cold.


Ben also ordered a Claypot Soup ($12.95) with various meat balls, tribe, pork and beef slices, artificial crab meat, tofu, vermicelli and suey choy. Ben simply loves soup with rice.


The weird thing was the server came to our table in the middle of our meal and asked us if she can transfer our soup to a bowl as they were short of claypot for other customer’s orders.


Beijing Noodle House accepts cash only. It was a good thing that we went there early, just about 6:00PM and we did not have to wait for a table. By the time we leave, the restaurant was full and there were quite a few people waiting for a table.

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  1. LotusRapper

    “It’s just pure deep fried lamb with cumin without the contamination of vegetables.”

    LOL, yeah it’s just terrible when dishes are contaminated with vegetables 🙂

  2. Steve

    So the cilantro on top doesn’t count as a full serving of vegetables? It sure looks like a well balanced meal to this carnivore 🙂

    1. LotusRapper

      Sorta like that plastic piece of green “leaf” in sushi take-out boxes ? 😀

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