Cheung’s Chiu Chow Restaurant on Alexandra Road, Richmond

Venturing out for lunch in the weekend in Richmond is a challenge, especially looking for a parking spot. We intended to go to a Taiwanese restaurant on Garden City Road and Alderbridge Road upon Nanzaro’s request. Unfortunately, the parking lot was full. So, we drove to the nearby Alexandra Road, the eat st of Richmond for plan B.


Ben suggested to eat at Cheung’s Chiu Chow Restaurant as we have not dine here before. Limited parking is available at the rear of the restaurant.


The restaurant was empty when we walked in. It was warmly decorated in red and black. The server told us they had been in business for 8 years. As in this location, it has been 3 years. Hm, is it that long that we have not been eating in this area that we did not notice it.

The server also told us they were at Fraser St before. We had been in the Chiu Chow restaurant on Fraser St.


The server is friendly. She quickly recommended us a few Chiu Chow dishes. The first was the Pork Stomach Pepper Soup. Arkensen loves pork stomach but commented that the preserved vegetable is very sour.


Next is the Chiu Chow traditional Marinated Duck. We had half a duck. The sauce is great on steamed rice. It came with a vinegar garlic dipping sauce.


The above Oyster Omelet was the star of the day. It was fried to a golden brown and crispy edges and yet it’s moist inside. Ben and Arkensen loves this.


For dessert, we had the Deep Fried Taro coated with Sugar. It’s another traditional Chiu Chow dish. It was served piping hot.


The sugar coating gives the dish a crunchy texture which contrasts to the creamy taro. I love it but the rest of family just had a piece or two. Nanzaro refused to try it at all. The only complaint is the sugar coating is too thick, hence too sweet. We actually knocked off the most of the sugar coating before eating it.


The meal is expensive. My limited Chinese interpreted the bill as rice ($1.5 x 4) which came to $8 instead of $6 (overbilled); pork stomach soup $9; Oyster Pancake $12.50; marinated duck $16.50 and lastly the Taro dessert $20 (which is very expensive).

Cheung’s Chiu Chow Restaurant accepts credit card.

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  1. ceemee

    Total ripoff for the dessert which will get u another dish n I’ve heard they are expensive. I’ll pass as they aren’t honest. Try Ol’ Buddies where Kam Do restaurant used to be on Alexander Rd. Huge, crunchy n cheap suai gow.

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