$68 Lobster Combo Dinner at Tasty Kitchen on Capstan Way, Richmond

Ben wanted “chow choy” for dinner although the boys only wanted sushi or Vietnamese.

After browsing through Urbanspoon.com, he found a new restaurant on Capstan Way called Tasty Kitchen.


We noticed the offer of lobster combo with 2 dishes for $68 posted on Tasty Kitchen and Canton & Zhejiang Cuisine (next door). We asked the boys which restaurant they would like to pick and Nanzaro picked Tasty Kitchen because he saw the free wifi signage on the door.


We went for the lobster combo with the choice of ginger and green onion stir fry.


We added the “yee mien” option for an additional of $8. It was a big serving. We were surprised that Arkensen seemed to enjoy the lobster because he does not like anything with shell and bones. He seemed to master the art of picking the flesh out from the claw and he loves the big chunk of lobster meat. We are glad that he likes it.


Ben picked a vermicelli with prawn hotpot for one of the two dishes that comes with the combo. There is a generous amount of big prawns and the vermicelli was rich of garlic and prawn flavour. I love this dish.


For the second dish, we had a choice between eggplant and green bean which are our boys’ favourite vegetables. Since the eggplant comes in hotpot and we already had a hotpot dish, we picked the stir fry green bean dish. This was nicely done where the green beans still have a crunch in them.


The daily soup which came with the combo was green and red carrot soup with pork.


The meal ended with a red bean sweet soup with a strong tangerine flavour. Arkensen took a few sips and commented that it had a hint of bitterness which I think it came from the tangerine peel. Nanzaro gave his bowl to me.


Tasty Kitchen accepts cash only.


After the meal, Ben decided to take a walk around the Union Square strip mall. As we walked past Kalok Seafood Restaurant, a nice lady promoted to us their lobster combo of $68, :-). This sure looks like a price war going on.

味王小厨 Tasty Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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