This is how much Ben loves Double East Cuisine.

We kept coming back to Double East Cuisine because Ben simply loves the food here.


This is from a dinner. The above was Special Spareribs for $13.95. The pork ribs was fried to crispy on the outside and the Chinese sausage imparts some sweetness to it. Love this dish.


This is Pork and Perserved Vegetable on Rice Hot Pot. The hot pot is good for 3 to 4 people. It is $20.50. This hot pot has some thinly sliced slightly fatty pork, dried fish and the preserved vegetable in this dish is “mui choy”.


When the hot pot is served, the server first scooped out the toppings onto another plate.


Then she drizzled the sweetish soy sauce and mixed up the rice for us. Good service especially this particular server. She loves to showcase the dishes ordered by other customers to customer who is still browsing the menu and do not know what to order.


Complementary dessert soup served for dinner only in our experience as we do not get them for lunch.



The meal came to $40 with tips and tax.


The above House Special Rice in Soup is from another visit at lunch time. This has minced pork and shrimp in it. Rice in soup is Ben’s comfort food. This is $8.25.


I had Szechuan style Eggplant on E-Fu Noodle for $7.95. It was just mild spicy and the serving is big.


Complementary lotus root pork bone soup for this lunch.


Just a reminder that this place accepts cash only.


I was enticed with one of the menu item on the white board, the third item on the left. It’s Chinese name says “Bean Curd Sticks Dog Duck Hot Pot”.  When I asked the server about this dish, she explains that in the village in China, this dish is made with dog meat but it is substituted with duck meat here.


In a recent lunch, we had the House Mixed Stir Fry Vegetables for $6.25. We ordered this to eat first while waiting for our hot pot rice which takes at least 20 minutes to prepare. I love the crunchiness of the lotus root and wood ear.


This time we ordered the Minced Pork and Salted Fish Rice in Hot Pot.


This time, we had to do the mixing ourselves as the server on duty is a different one. We do not mind at all as in most other restaurants, we have to do it ourselves.


Complementary green carrot, almond and pork soup for this lunch.


So, this is how much Ben loves this restaurant.

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