Sing Yee Chinese Restaurant opens for dinner only

My family came out for dinner on a Saturday evening. We wanted to go to Happy Tree House BBQ on Alexandra Road. But there was no parking available despite we went around the block twice.


So, Ben drove to Continental Plaza which he thought parking will be slightly better. Yes, indeed. We had no trouble finding one. We walked over the Firebird Cafe but it was closed without any notice on the door. Strange.

Then, Ben suggested to go to Sing Yee Chinese Restaurant which is opened for dinner only for sometime already. Sing Yee was full house. We had to wait for at least 20 minutes for a table.


We ordered a dinner combo for 3 where we get to choose three dishes for $46.80. The above was the complimentary soup of the day. It was pork soup with carrot, corn and almond. The soup was flavourful.


Our choice of dishes included the above Steamed Pork with Salted Egg. We enjoyed comfort home style food. (more…)

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Au Wing Kee on Kingsway, Burnaby

Nanzaro wanted to get a new pair of running shoes for his marathon. So, he joined Ben and I for our morning walk in Metropolis in Metrotown on a Saturday morning.


After the walk and shop, we went for lunch in the neighbourhood. Ben brought us to one of his favourite lunch spot, Au Wing Kee Restaurant.


The menu is big, with lunch specials and lunch combos, etc.


I ordered a wonton noodle soup as I saw one of the Chinese restaurant award on the wall for noodle. There were five wontons which were springy. The broth was the right flavour, with seafood taste. (more…)

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Floata Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown, Vancouver

Lorna invited me to the Praise Dance Night at Floata Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown. It was a celebration of the formation of the Canada Praise Dance Association.


The celebration started at Montgomery Park around 3:00PM. There were several hundreds of participants in this event. There were representatives from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China and various local churches.


Although I do not know the dance exercises but I felt it’s a very good form of exercise. It is fun too to do it in a group. It was privileged to have the founder of the Praise Dance from Taiwan, Ng Mei Yun attending this event. I can’t believe she is 80 years old as she looks so youthful and bouncy in the dance moves.


After the dance, we went down to Chinatown for the dinner. Since there were still time, Lorna and I went for a short walk in Chinatown.


We returned to Floata Seafood Restaurant at 6:00PM. Floata was picked to host the dinner because it can accommodate large group. I heard that this dinner was attended by about 500 people.


The first course was BBQ Cold Meat Combination Platter. I find the flavour of the BBQ goose (or duck) to be a bit too gamey for me.


Next came the Deep Fried Shrimp Ball. It was very chewy and the shrimp was grounded too fine to be recognizable. (more…)

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This is how much Ben loves Double East Cuisine.

We kept coming back to Double East Cuisine because Ben simply loves the food here.


This is from a dinner. The above was Special Spareribs for $13.95. The pork ribs was fried to crispy on the outside and the Chinese sausage imparts some sweetness to it. Love this dish.


This is Pork and Perserved Vegetable on Rice Hot Pot. The hot pot is good for 3 to 4 people. It is $20.50. This hot pot has some thinly sliced slightly fatty pork, dried fish and the preserved vegetable in this dish is “mui choy”.


When the hot pot is served, the server first scooped out the toppings onto another plate.


Then she drizzled the sweetish soy sauce and mixed up the rice for us. Good service especially this particular server. She loves to showcase the dishes ordered by other customers to customer who is still browsing the menu and do not know what to order.


Complementary dessert soup served for dinner only in our experience as we do not get them for lunch.



The meal came to $40 with tips and tax.


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Double East Cuisine, No. 3 Road, Richmond

We had an early lunch at Double East Cuisine which has replaced the previous tenant, Jubilant.


Since we were there early, parking is not a problem.


The interior looks much better now.


Ben ordered his favourite Rice in Soup with Oyster and Minced Pork. The broth was quite salty from the preserved vegetables. This is $8.25. (more…)

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Winter Combo at Hing Fung Restaurant

It was a storming winter Saturday evening. We went out for dinner looking for something heart warming.


We recalled seeing a poster of a winter combo at Hing Hung Restaurant and East Fusion Food on Capstan Way.  We were surprised that East Fusion Food was closed (for renovation ??). So, we settled for Hing Fung Restaurant.

The winter combo is a three dish combo. One of the item in the combo is the above Snake Soup. It is a thick soup with bamboo shoot, cloud ear and shiitake mushroom besides some slivered meat.


We are not sure how snake meat looks like. Is snake meat a white meat or dark meat?  The meat above was a bit tough. Anyway, there was not much of meat in the soup. We found that the soup was quite bland and there was quite a bit of leftover since it was a big bowl.


The main course of the winter combo is the Lamb Hot Pot. It came on a burner to keep it hot. (more…)

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Lamb Hot Pot from Jubilant, Richmond

Polly and I met up after a long break while Ben was away at Atlanta for a week. It was a very cold day with temperature dipped to negative last week.


We went to Jubilant in Richmond for Lamb Hot Pot. Lamb hot pot is only served in fall and winter. It is the perfect dish for cold day.


Look at that succulent piece of meat. Other ingredients in this dish include bean curd sticks, shiitake mushrooms, leeks and lots of ginger. (more…)

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Hing Fung Restaurant in Capstan Way, Richmond

During the meal at Garden Villa Seafood Restaurant, Lorna mentioned of a new Chinese restaurant on Capstan Way. So, I went with Nanzaro during the weekend to check it out.


Apparently, this new Hing Fung Restaurant has taken over the Golden Bauhinia Restaurant which I wrote about just in February.


This is the dish which Lorna had. I love lamb and this just look mouth watering. Unfortunately, we went there for lunch and I could not find this on the lunch menu. Lorna came here for dinner. Perhaps we’ll come back at dinner time for this.


The interior looks pretty much the same as the previous restaurant.


The meal that we ordered came with drink. I had hot milk tea which was good, strong tea flavour and creamy. Nanzaro had the ice milk tea which came in a sealed plastic cup like those served for bubble tea. It was too sweet for Nanzaro. (more…)

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Garden Villa Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown, Vancouver

Lorna invited me for a day trip organized by the SUCCESS Women’s Club to Lonsdale Quay tour follow by lunch in Chinatown.


We dined at Garden Villa Seafood Restaurant on Pender Street.


Here’s the menu for the lunch. It’s a nine course lunch; the last item which was added at the last minute was missing from the menu.


Chinese tea is always served in Chinese restaurant.


The first course was Snake Soup. We had two servings of the it. Snake Soup is a limited time dish offer and I guessed it’s seasonal. Snake Soup is usually served in colder weather as it is believed that the soup warms our body.


Some crispy fried dough is served with the Snake Soup.


The Snake Soup has shiitake mushrooms. bamboo shoots, some shredded meat; I believed not all is snake. It is slightly spicy by itself. The first serving was not hot enough and it did not taste that good. However the second serving was hot enough. I like my soup hot. (more…)

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