Ali Shan Restaurant on Kingsway, Burnaby

After having coffee at Tim Hortons, Ben brought me to one of his favourite lunch place at work, Ali Shan Restaurant.


Ali Shan is busy at lunch time on a week day.


Ali Shan serves Taiwanese cuisine.


I ordered a Crispy Chicken Leg combo for $7.50. It came with rice with fried egg and some side dishes like cabbages, tofu and bamboo shoot. A very reasonable price for such a combo.


The crispy chicken leg was fried to really crispy on the skin and yet the meat is moist.


The meal here also came with a drink or soup. We opted for soup and the soup of the day was seaweed and tofu soup. Ben did not quite like this. He had better soup on his previous visits.


Ben ordered Bibimbap for $8.90. It came with a stone bowl. There were mushrooms, kimchee, cucumber and generous amount of beef. It is top with a raw egg yolk.


Ben usually let the Bibimbap sit for a while to dry out the rice. He will also push the egg yolk to the side of the bowl to cook it further. Then he will mix everything up to enjoy. The stone bowl keeps the rice hot even to the last bite.


Ali Shan accepts cash only.

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