Yue Delicacy Restaurant on Alexandra Road, Richmond

Marian, Lorna and I met up before Christmas. We went to the new dim sum restaurant on Alexandra Road, Yue Delicacy Restaurant.


Yue opens at 10:30am. We were there just before 11:00am and the parking lot was pretty empty.


The restaurant looks nice but the seating seems  a bit tide especially with many big round tables.


We had Jasmine tea for its more subtle flavour. A pot of hot water is also served along the tea pot.

Yue Delicacy Menu (1)Yue Delicacy Menu (2)

A glance at the menu reviews a slightly higher price menu. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


We ordered several dim sum items and a noodle to share. Surprisingly, the first item to arrive was the noodle. We had the stir-fry steamed rice noodle with XO sauce for $9.95. There were plenty of chive and bean sprouts in it with just a hint of spiciness.


Marian requested a saucer of XO sauce to spice it up.


Here are the dim sum that we ordered. The above is Xiao Long Bao (steamed dumpling) with salted vegetable. It is under the large category which is $5.50.


The Xiao Long Bao was not as juicy as expected and the dough was slightly on the thick side. You can really feel the toughness of the dough where the crimping is.


Another large dim sum, deep fried egg plant stuffed with shrimp paste. Unlike most dim restaurant, the above did not come with a sauce but came with a side of chili sauce for dipping. The shrimp paste retained a light crisp with the absence of sauce on it.


Steamed pea tips with bean curd puffs is also a large dim sum. There were just a few pea tips accompanying 3 bean curd puffs.


The bean curd puffs are stuffed with fish paste, I think.


The House special steamed pork bun is a medium dim sum.


It is filled with pork and some vegetables.


The last dim sum we had was steamed scallop dumplings with truffle, also a large dim sum. A thin slice of scallop sat on top of shrimp paste wrap in a transparent dumpling skin.


Credit card is accepted here.


When we finished our meal, it’s just noon and the restaurant was full house. Even the parking lot was full and a car double park right in front of Marian’s car. When we informed the receptionist, she came out with car key and try to repark the car but she can’t even start the car. She went back to the restaurant to look for the owner to do it.

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