Golden Swan Restaurant on Victoria Dr, Vancouver

Ben and I went out for brunch during his “staycation”. He has to clear his annual leave and we do not have a plan to travel. So, he calls it staycation, i.e. stay home vacation.


We did not plan to come here but an early destination was either not open yet or we were not able to find a parking spot. And fate is there is just a parking spot right in front of Golden Swan Restaurant.


Typical decor for a Chinese restaurant. The decor is very common for Chinese wedding celebration.


It’s a good thing there are dim sum on carts served here.

Golden Swan Menu (1)Golden Swan Menu (2)

You can order dim sum special and lunch special from the menu above, but we did not even check it out as all our items were from the cart or served by server who brings out food fresh from the kitchen.


Here are the items which we had. The above is Steamed Bean Curd Roll filled with meat and wood ear. One thing we noticed here is that the serving is big.


Next, I had the Deep Fried Taro Dumpling which is crispy and flaky on the outside and creamy inside. This is a medium dim sum for $4.75. Small dim sum is $3.95 while large dim sum is $5.45.


Ben ordered the Fried Fish Paste which I find has a hint of bitterness after taste.


Pea Tip in Consomme is Ben’s favourite vegetable. This is $7.50 from the lunch special.


Lastly, we had Soy Pudding which is $6.25 (under kitchen special). It is served in a cute wooden bucket and served with ginger syrup.


There is at least 4 to 5 bowls of soy pudding from the bucket.


We had Jasmine tea to clear our palate.


There is a 20% discount when pay before 11:00AM on weekday. After 11:00AM and weekend, there is a 10% discount.

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