Park Here Seafood Restaurant on Kingsway, Vancouver

Ben has the crave for dim sum lately. It’s a good place to have a variety of food in small plates.


This dim sum restaurant is on Kingsway where Vietnamese restaurants dominated the scene. Park Here Seafood Restaurant is a Vietnamese Dim Sum restaurant as the signboard below indicates.


Park Here is just a direct mimic of the phonetic of its Chinese name which literally translated to hundred happiness.


We ascertained that it’s a Vietnamese Dim Sum restaurant because the man who managed the counter speaks Vietnamese and Cantonese.


There are life fish in tanks in view from the dining hall as this is a seafood restaurant.


After browsing at the dim sum menu above, Ben decided to order all the three dishes with a star denominator. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


The first star item is Beef Tendon Brisket with Rice Flour Roll from the kitchen specialties. The beef brisket and tendon were tender and the sauce left a sticky feeling on our lips due to the gelatinous of the tendon.


The rice roll was very smooth and had some char on it. Great dish. This is $7.98.


The second star item is Stir Fried Chicken Fillet with Sticky Rice, also $7.98.


This is the second time I had this dish. The first time was at Foo’s Ho Ho. This deep fried chicken top with sticky rice must be an old school dim sum.


The last star item is Crispy Bean Curd Wrap with Chinese Mushroom. This is $6.95.


This is a vegetarian dish as the Chinese name of this dish is Vegetarian Goose.


We had “Heong Pien” tea. I wonder what is the English name for this tea.


Park Here is a good dim sum place in our opinion.

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  1. Ma

    Heong Pien Tea = Jasmine Tea

  2. Henry

    “Heong Pien” tea is jasmine tea.

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