Penang Delight Cafe on West 73rd Ave, Vancouver

This is our third attempt to look for the Penang Delight Cafe at the Marpole area.


Apparently, it is located in a very small strip mall on W73rd Ave. Parking is limited.


A wall is decorated with photos of the menu item. This is good for customers who are not familiar with Malaysian cuisine.


Another wall is decorated with photos of Malaysia tourist highlights and also some antique photographs.


Ben has no problem with the ordering as he has been craving for nasi lemak lately. He ordered a Nasi Lemak Rendang Lamb for $13.95.The rendang lamb was slightly chewy. The plain nasi lemak i.e. without meat is $8.95. I considered this on the pricier side compared to the nasi lemak from the Malaysian stall in the Richmond Public Market which is only $8 which comes with 4 deep fried chicken drumsticks.


I ordered the Curry Laksa which looks really good from the photo on the menu. This is $9.95.


The Curry Laksa has a mixture of yellow noodle and vermicelli and comes with hard boiled egg, tofu puff, fish cake and chicken. The broth was very good.


We ordered a Rojak Fruit Salad for dessert. This is $6.95. It has deep fried tofu puff, guava, pineapple, cucumber and jicama. The are generous topping of chopped peanuts which add crunch to it.


We will certainly return when we crave for Malaysian food.

Penang Delights Menu (1)Penang Delights Menu (2)

You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

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