Cattle Cafe on Alexandra Road, Richmond

We have not been back to Cattle Cafe for a long time. Ben occasionally had lunch at Cattle Cafe at Metrotown. He thinks we’ll like the menu as Cattle Cafe is not just about the pick your self noodle.


He thinks we’ll like the menu as Cattle Cafe is not just about the pick your self noodle.


Cattle Cafe is not as busy when it first opens here.


Nanzaro ordered the Curry Boneless Chicken with Rice for $9.59. He likes boneless meat. The curries menu includes a hot drink.


I ordered the Szechuan Beef Briskets & Enoki Mushroom Hotpot for $9.99. This hotpot is quite spicy as you can see from it’s colour.


The hotpot came with side dishes like pickled cucumber, spicy pig ear and XO sauce. The XO sauce mostly eaten by Nanzaro. The hotpot is served with rice too.


Ben ordered the from the Lo Mein Noodle Set Meals which also includes a hot drink. Ben ordered the House-made Shrimp Balls, Cuttlefish Balls, Beef Balls and Pork Balls in Szechuan spicy Sauce with Sweet Potato Crystal Noodles. This is $8.99. When the dish was served, Ben immediately commented that it’s like “Mala Xianggoa“.


Cool drink is $1 extra like most HongKong style restaurants.


The last to order is Nanzaro. His first pick was the above U-Teppanyaki. He did not notice that is only available at the Edmonds and Metrotown stores only.


It took him a while to re-pick his choice. He finally settled with Yin Yang Fried Rice (Meat with Tomato Sauce & Shredded Chicken with Cream Corn Sauce). This is $9.99 which also includes a hot drink.


Surprisingly, both Arkensen and Nanzaro did not finish their food.


Cattle Cafe accepts cash only.


The above are the menus which we ordered from. You can click on them to have a larger view.

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