Toronto Day 1: Lunch at Rol San in Chinatown

Ben and I had a short vacation in Toronto and Ottawa on the last week of May this year. We take the opportunity to meet up with friends there.


J&C picked us up from the airport and brought us to Chinatown for lunch.


J&C brought us to Rol San which serves dim sum all day. Parking is very difficult here as C took over 20 minutes to find a parking after he dropped us off at the restaurant.


The restaurant was quite busy even at late afternoon. Toronto is indeed a metropolitan city as there are a variety of people from different cultures dining in a dim sum restaurant.


The table is lined with one time use plastic sheet for quick clean up.


J did all the ordering. The above is deep fried wonton.


Deep fried spring roll.


Steam prawn dumpling.


Steam pork dumpling.


Pan fried rice noodle with beef.


Spicy Korean beef short ribs.


Steam BBQ pork bun.


A version of deep fried dumpling.


Supreme fried rice for filler since it was already late in the afternoon and we just decided this will be our “lunchner” (lunch and dinner).


Deep fried sesame ball.


You can click on the above dim sum menu to have a larger view.

R&C, thank you for the lunch and it was great to meet up. After lunch, we took a walk in Chinatown before we headed back to R&C’s place in Missisausaga.

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