Toronto Day 4: Korean Dinner in Chinatown

After the tour of the CN Tower, we continued our journey by foot to Spadina Avenue, Chinatown for early dinner.


Along the way, we came upon the CBC Television but the museum had closed for the day.


Toronto city Hall or New City Hall is originally nickname “The Eye of Government” because it looks like a giant unblinking eye from the air.


The old City Hall, is now a courthouse.


Toronto street car.


The street car travels in the center of the street, hence it stops in the middle of the street too for passengers to board or disembark. When the street car stops, car on the right side of the street car must stop behind the street car.


We settled at a Korean restaurant in Chinatown for early dinner.


Typical water bottle and metal chopsticks of a Korean restaurant setting. The ice cold water was very welcoming in a hot late spring day.


They were generous with the banchan, five instead of the regular three that we get in Vancouver.


I ordered my favourite¬†pork bone soup which the restaurant claims it’s the best pork bone soup in Toronto.


Ben had bibimbap with loads of fresh vegetables.


A very reasonable meal.

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