Toronto Day 5: Lunch in Korea Town

Since we were on Bloor St., Ben suggested to have lunch in Korea Town.


The walk to Korea Town is longer than we expected. Ben kept telling me it’s a bit further more every time I asked him if we were on the right street.


We came upon Honest Ed’s which is a landmark discount store in Toronto. It was huge, running the whole length of a block. We did some browsing in the store after our lunch. A signage says that the store is still open until 31st Dec 2016.


We settled at Ajuker Chicken for lunch.


Besides the colourful posters at the store front, free wifi is another factor for us to pick the restaurant. Nowadays, wifi is one of the crusial factors when for choosing a hotel or restaurant, don’t you think?


We ordered Dak-Galbi (for 2) which is boneless chicken mixed with rice cake, cabbage, and spicy sauce.


The meal came with Korean style rice.


Banchans which come with Korean meal.


The restaurant was pretty quiet while we were there. We took our sweet time to enjoy the meal and rest our tired feet.


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