Benss Cafe at Victoria Drive, Vancouver

We intended to go Kedah House for lunch on a Saturday afternoon. We wanted to have the all you can eat buffet which will be replaced with mixed dishes style of serving. The owner told us that they are not sure when they will implement it yet. We were disappointed to see that Kedah House was not open. Perhaps they are closed for the Muslim holiday.


So, Ben suggested we go to Victoria Dr. to look for a place to eat. We decided to eat at Benss Cafe which is a Hong Kong style cafe which our boys agreed to.


The restaurant was not busy when we arrived just around noon. More customers arrived later.


I ordered the minced pork and salted fish claypot rice. It was quite a big serving. Luckily, Ben helped me to finish it.


The crust is the best stuff as it is crispy.


Ben had developed a fondness for mixed noodle lately. He ordered the beef tripe mixed noodle. He commented that the noodle does not have the “garn sui” flavour which he likes.


Arkensen ordered from the noodle combo menu. He had satay beef instant noodles with some additional ingredients. He commented that the noodle is too soft for his liking.


You can click on the photo to have a larger view of the noodle combo menu.


Nanzaro ordered the fried sticky rice. It was a good serving size and have good amount of Chinese sausage.


Nanzaro had everything with chili oil condiment.


Arkensen and Nanzaro’s order comes with a drink.


We like the large menu option here. This restaurant accepts cash only.

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