Old Country Buffet, 200th Street SW,WA

After dropping Arkensen at the airbnb place, we continued our journey home.


We stopped at Old Country Buffet on 200th Street NW to have a late lunch. The strip mall where the Old Country Buffet is located was so quiet. The car park was pretty empty.


This Old Country Buffet has a large sitting area; definitely bigger than the one in Bellingham.


Ben started with fried chicken, roast chicken, roast beef and steamed corn. I tasted some roast beef from Ben’s plate and it was rather dry.


I started off with a chicken pot pie, fried and roast chicken. They were all pretty good.


Nanzaro started off with a Mexican made your own wrap.


His second helping was buttered fish, pasta, fried chicken and taters tots.


Ben’s second helping of salsa, corns, green beans and mash potatoes. I find the green beans were so overcooked.


My second helping include some salad, honey corn bread and sweet and sour chicken.


Nanzaro’s dessert does not look too appetizing to me.


Ben and I shared some hot desserts; the above is like chocolate lava cake.


The bread pudding was too dense.


The apple crisp was quite good.


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