Jiangnan Soy Sauce Duck, Richmond Public Market

There is a new restaurant in the Richmond Public Market. We happened to see it while dining across the street from the RPM.


The restaurant name captured our interest as it’s called Jiangnan Soy Sauce Duck.


So, here is their specialty; Jiangnan Soy Sauce Duck.


The duck was tasty with some drier parts resembles preseved duck ( “lap ngarp”). It has to be eaten with steamed rice as it is quite salty on it’s own.


Ben had the Braised Brown Duck with Vegetable in Rice Soup.


His pick of the extra ingredients were pork stomach and pork skin. Ben loves rice soup.


His choice of drink was Wild Ganoderma Honey Tea (“ling ji”) which is the brown one on the above picture. It is a herbal tea with a bitter taste. Nanzaro also asked for the same drink as he does not like corn and he gave his to me after one sip.


Nanzaro ordered the Yellow Fish Combo. He enjoys his dish even though the fish does have quite some tiny bones in it. The combo also comes with a small side of the soy sauce duck.


I had a Seafood Hotpot.  My hotpot has pork stomach, egg wrapped dumplings, mussel, shrimp, squid, scallop, enoki mushroom, bok choy and vermicelli. It also came with a bowl of rice and a drink. My choice was the Sweet Corn Milk Tea.


My order also comes with the side of soy sauce duck.


This is a cash only place.


We were given a $2 cash coupon after we paid.

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