Penang Fall 2012: Breakfast from Morning Market

Ben was still groggy this morning. He had backache due to the long bus trip. We did not want to go too far to look for breakfast. We just went to the neighbourhood morning market to get some food.


I bought a deep fried yam filled with new year cake (nian gao) and deep fried banana fritter (kuih kodok).


We also bought a couple of red tortoise cake (angku).


Glutinous rice cakes coloured with bunga telang (pulut tai tai). It is served with coconut jam.

After breakfast, we went to look for a clinic for Ben. He was given a jab for faster recovery together with some medication. All in all was RM100 (CAD35). Clinic in Malaysia dispenses medication unlike our practice here where we have to get our prescriptions from a pharmacy.


On the way back from the clinic to our hotel, we came across a street hawker selling Apom Balik. A sign showed that this store had been in business since 1974 and charcoal is used to make the Apom Balik.


Apom balik is a paper thin crepe made with flour, egg, coconut milk and sugar in little wok. The center of this crepe is soft while the edges is crispy.


A stack of six for RM3 (CAD1).

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