Penang Fall 2012: Lunch at New World Park

One of Ben’s aunt picked us up for lunch from our hotel. The purpose of our trip to Penang is to rekindle with Ben’s relatives who live in Penang.


Ben’s aunt brought us to New World Park for lunch. It’s a hawker center. Ben had “Har Go” rice roll which is his late father’s favourite. The sauce for this dish is unique to Penang.  RM3 (CAD1) for the above.


Oyster pancake (o-chian) for RM7 (just over CAD2). I preferred the Penang version which is more eggy than the Taiwanese version which is more starchy.


Lastly, Penang fried koay teow for RM4 (CAD1.40).

After lunch, Ben’s aunt brought us to visit another of Ben’s aunt (his late mother’s sister). Ben used to visit this aunt often when he was young. He had fond memory of the house; the place that he used to play and sleep.

Later that evening, Ben’s cousin sister brought us to her home for a visit. She lives in a high rise apartment building.

Just before dinner, Ben’s cousin sister brought us to another family to meet up for dinner. By now, I have lost count of who is who. I’m bad with names and new faces.

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