Seoul Day 1: Dinner at Myeongdong

We went out to Myeongdong for dinner. Myeongdong is within walking distance from our hotel too.


Myeongdong is a shopping and tourism district. It is like Robson Street in Vancouver. There were a lot of shops and restaurants. We were even greeted in Mandarin in some of the shops as we look Chinese than Korean. That shows that Chinese tourists are big business here.


We went to the above restaurant for dinner as we could see the dining experience via the glass window.


The restaurant was clean and brightly lit.


Customers help themselves with banchans at a buffet counter.


It was the above main dish which enticed us to walk into the restaurant. The meal was cooked at the table on a hot plate. There was a metal ring outside the hot plate to prevent any spattering.

Our choice of meat were chicken and Octopus.


The server came by a few times to stir the food and when it’s ready, the server removed the outer metal ring for us to enjoy the meal.


We opted for extra rice to go with our meal. When we were about 2/3rd way of our meal, the server brought a bowl of rice and fried with the remaining food in the pan.


Here is our Teppan Fried Rice. Our meal was KRW20,500 (about CAD20.50). It was a great meal.


After the meal, it started to rain. We did not bring out our umbrellas and we were stranded for a while as the rain was really heavy. It was middle of summer at the time of our tour.

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