Seoul Day 3: Lunch

After changing back to my walking shoes, we had lunch at another neighbourhood restaurant near our hotel.


This restaurant serves four banchans.


We had Tofu Soup. It came with purple rice with beans, a healthier version.


We also had a grilled fish.


The meal came to KRW12,000 (CAD12). We were given a complimentary yogurt drink to end our meal.


After lunch, we went to Sinsegae Department Store in the neighbourhood.  We found the above Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies. It was just KRW1000 (CAD1). They are my childhood favourite cookies.


We bought some coffees from a CVS on the way back to the hotel. The coffee is sold in a pouch and you can get ice in a cup to go so that you can enjoy ice coffee back in the hotel.

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