Gingeri Chinese Cuisine in Lansdowne Center, Richmond

A group of 14 people attended a dim sum lunch at Gingeri Chinese Cuisine in Lansdowne Center.


The group picked this restaurant because parking is ample.


We were seated in a side room with only a few tables.


XO sauce is always a welcome.


Here is what we had. The above is Mini Spareribs with Vinegar Sauce from the kitchen section. It is appetizing with a hint of sweet and sour.


Pan Fried Noodle with chives, also from the kitchen section.


Chinese style Crepe with Green Onion was not oily.


I love these BBQ Pork Puff with flaky pastry.


The house made Steamed Rice Roll is very smooth.


Mini Glutinous Rice is a good filler.


I did not try the above Steamed Dumpling (Chiu Chow style) because there is not enough for everyone and this dumpling is not shareable as the contents will spill out when you cut into it.


Those who did not get a share of the steamed dumpling will have the Steamed BBQ Pork Buns, a staple of dim sum.


Steamed Beef Tendons are great for good complexions. There are some Korean rice cake in it too.


Deep Fried Spring Rolls were super crunchy.


The above was called Pan Fried Rice Wrapped with Egg. They were topped with some crispy fried garlic.


Deep Fried Wonton, also very crunchy. I did notice that some people were shied away from deep fried food.


The Stuffed Egg Plant here is served dry, i.e. without a sauce.


Pan Fried Radish Cake was crispy on the outside.


We were able to get a VIP discount of 10%, thank to one of the attendees who has a VIP membership. The discount only applies to dim sum items and not those from the kitchen section. Tea charge is $1.20 per person. It was a good pre-Christmas lunch.

Gingeri Chinese Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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